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Okay, so we get really particular in Denver about which neighborhood is in which section of town.  We pride ourselves in living in “the” neighborhood.  For me and my family, it’s Harkness Heights.

Harkness Heights is one of 14 neighborhoods that make up the area called Highlands.  And that we are-one of the highest points in the city.

Harkness Heights has bout 320 households and stretches from Lowell on the west to Federal on the east and from 44th on the north to 41st on the south.

If I must say so myself, it’s one of the nicer Highlands neighborhoods. We can walk to alot of  “trendy” places, many of us remembering those locations  before they were “in.”

Now buying into this neighborhood takes a bit of money. After all when you are in, you are desirable and expensive.  So many of us know that if we weren’t already in this neighborhood we would not be  able to buy into it now!

But what makes this neighborhood special are the people. We have our own muffin lady who delivers muffins to all the new residents.  Hey, we take gold when it comes to community and our muffin lady deserves to keep the medal in her livingroom!

No we’re not a Washington Park or a Bonnie Brae, but we know what we have and we like being under the radar, for the moment.

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Retsina-that Greek wine made with resin-really!!! I’ve trier to drink this stuff. I keep thinking if I can only get past the first 2 glasses, I might actually enjoy it.

I have a friend, Tom (not Greek but none the less credible) who says there are some fine Retsinas.  I always wonder if what Tom is saying is true, or is it that he only remembers his 3rd glass!

Sien!  To Your Health.

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When Dogs Get Old

My dog is at my feet. She’s not particularly fond of me, but I’m the only one home and she’s feeling like a little affection might be the way to go.

We all get old, but when your dog gets old it’s really sad.  My dog, yes the one I rented for my picture on the right, has such a hard time now-she can’t get up, she can’t hear and she just sleeps all the time.  It’s as if now that the kids are gone, she just doesn’t want to be with the old people, us! Should I tell her her “brother” is coming home, a young person, the one she grew up with! Then again she may still be traumatized from when he did live here.

And so we wait  with her, getting excited when she wags her tail and shows genuine affection  and felling bad when she just can’t get up the stairs like she used to.  Her mountain days are over;  the snow’s deep and the ground is cold. She just doesn’t like being out of her “bedroom.” And who can blame her; she’s been the protector, the trail blazer and the high energy dog  for years, now she just wants to be mellow-a word that only describes an elderly Dalmatian.

We rescued Carly 13 or 14 years ago.  She’s been with us a long time and for the most part, I think she’s enjoyed her journey.

Here’s to Carly.

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Let’s talk about houses.  I love old houses; always have.  I grew up in a new house,but always yearned to live in an old one.

But I’m lucky, I now live in a traditional Arts and Crafts Bungalow built in 1916 with wonderful original woodwork and hardwood floors.  The craftsmanship in my house is exceptional.

The Arts and Craft movement started in Victorian Britain, around 1880.  It was more a philosophy rather than a style.  This movement came about because of an uneasiness with industrialism and a refocus on the worker, the artisan.  Arts and Crafts valued the craftsman artist over the capitalist factory worker, and it shows.

So many artistic forms were affected during this period:  painting, architecture, textiles, metal works and furniture.  The era lasted about 60 years.

I am all for preserving what this period gave us.  I still have my original kitchen cabinetry-1916 cabinetry in 2010!  Amazingly well built!

If you have a spare weekend, head to the Art Institute of Chicago and see the exhibit Apostles of Beauty Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago. Not to be missed and you won’t be disappointed.

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