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Tonight, Neil and I were invited by our neighbor, Tina, to attend her son’s 1st grade Earth Day play!  What a wonderful treat to be among children;  excited, energized, noisy and happy.  They were about to show us their Earth Day  play.  Aris played “Earth”-polluted, trashed and just plain abused by the other “humans” on stage.  But in the distance, one could hear the  “small voices”  who convinced the others to clean up “Earth” and stop polluting!

It was not only a cute 20 minute play but a great reminder of how our current living habits are destroying this future generation’s environment. The refrain of one of the songs was  “earth day”, “earth year” and “earth living.”  Although the actors did not fully understand the consequences  of  “earth living” , the people sitting in the audience did.

Great play, great job, great message! Congratulations Aris and classmates!

Earth Day 2010

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So I just had a wonderful evening.  A small group of French speaking people from my neighborhood met at a nearby French restaurant and spoke French.  Luckily among us was a real, genuine French speaking person who was very patient with our verb tenses, nouns, pronouns and gender agreement!  What a refreshing evening, not pretentious, not difficult but genuinely fun!  We talked about sayings in French that really are funny  like “he farts higher than his ass” translated as a snobby person!  Who would have thunk!!

Language has always interested me.  I still yearn to be absolutely fluent in another language.  I have come close in my life-lived in France and got pretty good, worked in Mexico and wasn’t bad.  But to really speak in another language while thinking in that language- a lifetime goal!

Language is the key to other cultures.  It is truly too bad that so many foreigners speak English. Perhaps if forced to learn another language we, as Americans, would better appreciate the differences among us.

A bientot!

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