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Well, it wasn’t fun and it sure made me sad, but we put our dog down a few weeks ago. Yeah the one who was in the photo shoot with me.

I miss that damn dog!  She was always sneaking into my office and trying to be cozy on the tile floor. And although I always acted like she couldn’t be here [allergies you know] she was always welcomed to be at my feet.

Her last few days were hard.  As she became more and more uncomfortable, disabled and tired, we knew it was nearing time to let her leave this life and  go to the next. Boy, we sure did have a good time while we were all together-she adopted a good family and we gained a pretty, friendly dog who was a fierce protector on the hiking trails and one of the best north Denver squirrel chasers in her youth!

But my very last memory of Carly was when I was saying goodbye.  I looked in her eyes and I could tell she wanted to go, she was tired and she just couldn’t manage anymore. She had lived with us for over 12 years-she was part of our family, another kid, another sibling.  She just belonged with us.

So here’s to you Carly. Like a good Dalmatian, find the path for us so  when we reunite we’ll know exactly where we need to go!


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Happy Birthday to your fabulous home!!!

If you received our special birthday card and balloon bouquet, print this coupon cakecoupon .  Bring it to Cake Bakery located at 3832 Tennyson St. Denver, CO  for your free gift.

Everything in the bakery is fresh and good!

Thank you for letting us help you celebrate the 100th year of your fabulous Harkness Heights home!

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