So many people ask me about 2 things: Greek food and real estate. Since one is an avocation and the other a profession, I have plenty to say about both! But for the time being let’s focus on food-Greek food!
My families hail from Kythera, a small island south of the Peloponnese and Kalamata, you know the olive people. Most of what I experienced as a kid was the food from the island. I recently discovered a cookbook “The Greek Cookbook” written by Tess Mallos who hails from Kythera (now living in Australia.) I’d love to meet her; I’m sure we’re related. I have tried many of her recipes and they are very good.
So when the typical non-Greek thinks of food they think lamb, grape leaves and feta cheese. Fortunately the Greek culinary experience goes beyond those staples.
And so like Julie and Julia, I have decided I will work my way through Tess’s cookbook, albeit not so maniacal as Julie, certainly not dedicating my month’s earnings to food and eating every night at 11:00 pm (like the Greeks.) But follow me on this journey; we may find some incredibly interesting food groups that have gone undiscovered.

Greek Girl in the City

To Know Greek Food is to Love Greek Food